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What could be more important than capturing who your family is today? As the years go by and your kids grow and change, it is important that they know how much they are loved. It is proven that children that grow up in a home decorated with photos of them and the ones they love the most feel more loved and have higher self-esteem. Being reminded every day how much their family loves them and how much they are adored are physical reminders of love that can help make a house a home. 

Look at the walls in your home, I bet most of you are looking at VERY outdated portraits or maybe none at all (don't worry no judgment here!) but I am here to fix that. Family photos don't have to be taken every year (but they can be if you want to!). Listen, I know that life can get in the way. However, making a commitment to get together as a family for professional portraits will create special moments that will become memories that your family will have forever. You family portrait session will be nothing like those stuffy mall or church photos that your parents used to drag you to every years as a child, that is not what I am about. I want every member of your family to feel comfortable and free to be themselves, otherwise the images won't look like you. A family session can be done outside using the plethora of landscape options that our wonderful state of Virginia has to offer or they can be an elegant styled in-studio session that creates a lasting statement above any mantle. I have a client closet available for your use but I can also style your session for you so that you know exactly what to wear so that your family has flawlessly styled photos.

Nowadays, we keep all of our family's memories on our cell phones to share on our IG and facebook pages. Don't limit your family to the cloud, although taking tons of photos (especially with your phone) is a very important practice. Every family deserves to take the time to have art made for your walls. If you don't have any pieces of art on the walls of your home of your family, it is time to give me a call and make that happen!

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