It is proven that children who are raised in a home surrounded by images of love and happy memories
feel more loved and connected to their family. 

THe Experience

Imprinted Photography's Loudoun County VA photography studio, is a little different than the typical "shoot and burn" Northern VA photography studio. Every client leaves us with beautiful, tangible art that will last forever, becoming valued family heirlooms that will be passed on for generations to come. After being in the industry for over 10 years, we realize that modern technology is ever-changing. Digital images are often tucked away on a thumb drive or filed on a computer, never actually enjoyed as they should. Sometimes they are posted on social media or sent to friends and family but in the end they are never fully enjoyed as they were intended and deserved. The true value of photographs is in their every-day enjoyment, that is difficult to do if they are sitting on an old thumb drive in your catch-all drawer! We realized that if we provided products and wall art that our clients would all in love with and an easy and stress-free experience guiding them through the selection and design process, that we could serve our clients and make hem much happier then we ever had before.

Do you want the luxury experience you deserve?
 We take care of everything, so you don't have to

 We know that you are busy with your every growing list of things to do before your baby is born. Because you have so much on your plate we make sure that once you book your session you dont have to lift another finger. We have a hair and make-up artist on staff so you can just roll out of the house and know that our glam squad will make sure you look flawless for your session. Plus its kinda fun to be pampered right? We all know new Mommas deserve a little TLC every once in awhile.  Our maternity photography client closet is full of only high-end designer maternity gowns that are designed to fit every shape and size and hug you in all the right places. We also provide outfits for the kiddos too, whether they are babies, toddlers or older children. Our favorite part of the Sterling, VA photography studio is the newborn prop collection, where we have hundreds of beautiful headbands, hand-knitted bonnets made with the highest quality fibers, backdrops and wraps in any color or texture you could ever want, as well as a collection of hand made rustic bowls, wooden beds and buckets to use for your session. The studio is stocked with snacks, drinks, a TV and some toys to keep the little ones busy.  We are also located right next to a couple of parks and restaurants in case Dad wants to get your older child outside to burn some steam while they are waiting for their turn in front of the camera. So when we say that you don't have to lift a finger, we really mean it!

Hair & Make-up | Maternity Gowns & Outfits | Newborn Props (Backdrops, Wraps, Headbands, Bonnets & More!)

We Take Care of Everything

VIEW OUR                    

Client Closet

Lets be honest, there are so many Northern VA photographers to choose from!
Choosing a photographer can be a very confusing and daunting experience.

SAftey is our #1 PRIority

its all about you
and you deserve it!




Art That will last

We are Newborn Safety Certified, Infant CPR trained, up to date on our vaccinations (t-dap, flu, COVID), insured and licensed, and stay current on infant health safety. IP is a proud member of American Association of Newborn Photography Safety (AANPS), Professional Photographers Association of America (PPA), and  a Certified Professional Newborn Photographer with the APNPI.

Our focus is on printed heirloom products for you to enjoy and pass down to your children. We have curated a beautiful list of ways to display all of your gorgeous images, starting with mounted prints, canvas gallery wraps, custom linen and leather bound albums, and handmade wooden memory boxes. We have carefully chosen and built great relationships with our trusted vendors to create a list of products that we are proud to offer to our clients. Products that are handmade by the world's most talented craftsmen and women who put their heart and souls into every item they create, because they know how important these items are to you. Our clients book with us because of our ability to deliver gorgeous, heirloom-quality finished pieces of  art in whatever form you choose.  

Why shouldn't it be? From your initial consultation and design appointment until the day of your session, we are working with you to choose every detail so that you session speaks to your heart, your family and your legacy. We will spend the time with you before your session to get to know you, find out what you need, and what you truly want. We will customize your session so that it tells your story and so that you get exactly what you desire, including hand designing heirloom products that fit your style, compliment your home, and will stand the test of time.

We know these images are your memories that will be cherished forever and we don't take that responsibility lightly. Not only are our heirloom products handmade and beautiful but they will hold these precious memories and moments from your photo session so we want to make sure you love them. We will guide you through the process of deciding what products to purchase, letting you touch and feel our studio samples and we even will show you what these products will look like on the walls of your own home with our amazing software. We don't want you to purchase anything that you dont absolutely love so you choose which images you want and how you want them printed, not us. All of the products we offer are made to last, we have sourced the most elegant, wall worthy handmade products made by craftsmen that have a passion for what they create. Everything you choose will last forever and will be passed on for generations as memories, just like your parents wedding album was. 

Although we stand behind the importance of printed memories we know that every one likes to have images to share with friends, family and on social media so we don't ever make you choose! Every image you choose will come with a matching digital file for you to share wherever you would like along with the physical printed piece so you get the best of both worlds!

Do you want a photographer to simply snap some images, hand you a thumb drive ands that's it? Or would you like a personal custom luxury experience built around you? I mean honestly, any time that you have received a thumb drive from a photographer, did you ever do anything with them or are they still sitting on that thumb drive?  Exactly what I thought! We strongly feel that doing so is doing a huge disservice to our clients, almost like doing half of the job and then stopping there. These memories are too important to just sit on a thumb drive. Remember CDS? Yeah, well those are almost useless and will be soon, and so will a thumb drive some day, but PRINTS and tangible product last. Why hire a photographer to take photos if they aren't meant to be seen, shared and enjoyed. We all live in this social media world and we know that many place a huge importance on having the digital copies of everything. We aren't saying that they aren't important or valuable, but I promise once you hold our products in your hands you will understand why you and your children deserve the best.

Why Choose us?


The consultation &
design appoinTment

 The session Day

The reveal & ordering appointment

The delivery & install-
happily ever after

ITS ALL ABOUT YOU!  Why shouldn't it be? From your initial consultation and design appointment up until the day of your session at our Sterling, Va Photography Studio, we are working with you to choose every detail so that your session speaks to your heart, your family and your legacy. We will spend the necessary time with you before your session to get to know you, find out what you need. and what you truly want. We will customize and cater your Northern VA photography session to you so you are getting exactly what you desire and will hand-design heirloom products that fit your style, compliment your home and will stand the test of time.       

The Process

This is the first step. You can come into the studio (or schedule a video call) so you can meet me  face to face, explore the studio, view all of our props and gowns, design your dream session, and view all of the beautiful artwork options that we offer. We want to meet you, hear your story and become friends (OBVIOUSLY!), so that you know that we understand your vision on the day of the session. We know that photography can be a significant investment and we want you to know exactly what you are investing in before hand. We want to go over everything with you face to face and form a relationship so we know how we can serve you best!

The session day is all about you and your family, so sit back, relax, and get ready to be pampered. We provide a hair and make-up artist in studio, a client closet full of gowns and outfits from size newborn to adult, and a prop closet of hundreds of hand-made items to use for your session. Our studio is stocked with snacks, drinks, a comfy couch, and TV so you can feel at home while you are here with us. Our time together isn't built around time limits, we promise we wont stop shooting until we feel we have gone above and beyond because we want you to have the best images to choose from.

This is where you pick what you love! You are greeted with snacks and a beautiful video of all of the images from your session (the tissues always come out!). We are there to guide you while you choose which images you cannot live without from the session. Then the last step is the fun part, picking how you want those images printed! We present you with mock ups so that you can actually see what your images will look like printed on our products on the walls of your own home.

Once your order has been delivered to the studio, we can either come out to your home or you can come to the studio to pick up all of your new art. We will even install your art work ourselves to make sure the job is done properly and that you don't have to lift a finger. This bring us so much joy as artists and is our favorite part. The smiles on your kids faces and the tears in Mom's (and Dad's) eyes when they see their beautiful art in their homes for the first time reminds us o why we do what we do.  We will hug, cry, laugh, and then we will say bye until next time!

Not unless you have a family heirloom or special item you would like incorporated into your session. I provide everything for all sessions including props for newborn photo sessions, cakes for cake smash sessions, and maternity gowns for maternity sessions. For family sessions you may need to bring clothing for some members of your family depending upon what you want to wear as I may not have sizes that fit everyone but I will walk you through that process and help you figure out your wardrobe needs ahead of time. The Sterling, VA photography studio is fully stocked with  drinks, snacks (maternity and toddler friendly snacks too) and a TV to make you and your family more comfortable while you are here . CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EXPERIENCE PAGE!

We ask that you book your photography session as soon as you are ready, as we do book up very quickly. We suggest booking 3-6 months ahead of time as we only take a certain amount of sessions per month to assure that we can give every client all of the attention and time that they need. We do have openings during slower months so please reach out if you are interested in a last minute session (we cant promise anything but its worth asking!). CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW!

Yes! My doggies are my babies as well so I  understand how important it is to include your furry friends in your family portraits as well. When preparing to work with your pets I may ask a few questions to find out if the studio is a good environment for them, but as long as I feel it is safe they are welcome to participate. 

Maternity photography sessions are best done around the 3rd trimester but can be done at any time during your pregnancy. Newborn photography sessions are done in the first 3 weeks o your babies life because that is when they are sleeping deeply and it is safest to pose them in the snuggly little positions we all love. Once baby comes we will work together to schedule the best time for you as soon as your baby is getting full feedings. We suggest doing milestone photography sessions once your baby can sit unattended and at the one year marker for cake smash photography sessions.  

I truly believe that photographers that just hand over digitals and online galleries are not fully serving their clients and are actually doing them a huge disservice. I am the expert and it is my job to help guide you through the process of choosing your images and ordering your products. During the ordering appointment, I will help you choose the products that are best for you and your family, including showing you actual mock-ups of how the images and products will look in your own home. I am here to serve you and your family and provide you with the best of what you need. 

Do I need to bring anything?

How early should I book my session?

When should my session take place?

Can I bring my fur babies to my session?

Why can't I choose my final images from an online gallery?

Every photo session is different and the time it takes depends upon the type of session and the amount of set-ups you desire. I do not have an exact time limit or time frame for my sessions. This means that I will keep going until we have captured everything that you have requested. Newborn Sessions do take longer as newborns babies require time and patience to pose and soothe them into a deep sleep. Expect to spend 3-4 hours at the studio for a newborn session. All other sessions last about 1-2 hours (maternity sessions last the longest and milestone sessions last the least) as the younger kids have a shorter attention span. I do not ever rush you or your family as my goal is for everyone to have fun and to capture natural smiles and interaction.

How much is a typical session?

Each session requires a session fee of $200-$400 to book. This fee covers the actual session, consultation, my time and talent, use of our many props and couture maternity client closet, and hair and male-up services but the session fee does not include any digital images or art work. After the session you will have an ordering/viewing appointment where you will view your images and choose how you would like them to be printed. You only buy what you love, so we do not have any minimum purchase requirements. Expect to invest anywhere from $1,000-$4,000 on your images and art work. We do offer packages but you may purchase prints and products individually as well. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INVESTMENT PAGE!

How long should I expect to be at your studio for my session?

A print-based photography studio means that all clients leave their sessions with printed artwork. I believe in the importance of printed art and displaying your memories and milestones in your home.  I believe that it is so important to have your family images printed.  Research studies have proven that prominently displaying portraits of the family improve a child’s self-worth. It’s one thing to hire a professional, it’s another thing to actually do something with the images. Therefore my goal is to make sure that none of my client's memories end up stuck on a hard drive. That being said, I do understand the importance of receiving digital copies of your images to share on social media. That is why every image that is purchased in art form will be accompanied by the matching digital copy. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR PRODUCT OFFERINGS!

Often, I see people looking for a photographer that "doesn't cost an arm and a leg". I get it, newborn photography can be expensive. But I am a LEGAL business owner, which means I pay taxes, liability insurance, and have taken into account my cost of doing business in order to make a living wage.  There are many Northern Virginia photographers out there that are cheap, just getting started and/or using this as a side-hustle. We all start somewhere, but I am experienced, certified and provide an experience designed around pampering you and providing you with a customized superior product.  You should not trust just anyone with your newborn baby, as posed newborn photography can be dangerous if not done properly. Your baby's safety is my top priority and along with my decades worth of experience I have also trained with NICU nurses and some of the top newborn photographers in the world. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS!

What is a print-based studio/do I still receive digital copies of the images I purchase?

Why should I invest in a portrait session with Imprinted Photography?

Have Questions?

I had a newborn photo shoot with Carly in her studio and it was such a pleasant experience. Carly was AMAZING with my baby (who can be very fussy). She kept her so calm and got her into beautiful poses without too much noise out of her. She was very soothing the whole time and took her time with getting her into poses so she wouldn't upset her. The studio is a great and welcoming space with so many props/outfits in a range of colors to chose from. She kept the room warm to keep the baby comfortable which I really appreciated. I was able to sit on the couch in the studio while they snapped photos. The photos turned out better than I could have imagined. She truly captured such a special moment in time. She is great at what she does. I will continue to use her for special events! Thank you so much Carly 

- Cristina S.


My husband and I booked a newborn and maternity session with Carly. She was recommended to us by friends of ours and I am so glad she was. For my maternity session I had my hair and make-up done at the studio before the session and I would have never thought that it was important, but she suggested it and I am so glad she did. I love the way I look in my maternity photos. She helped me feel confident and beautiful and showed me exactly how to pose so I didn't feel awkward. I loved them so much that I bought ended up buying a canvas for my family room and I get so many compliments. It looks like it belongs in an art gallery!

- Lynn F.

We love our Wall Art

From start to finish Carly made us feel like we were in good hands. She was so great at my maternity session helping me choose the best dress for my body . Her dresses were gorgeous and very high quality and she had so many to choose from. One of her dresses I recognized from an actress I follow's own maternity shoot! She really helped us when it came time to choose our images because I wanted them all! But she was so patient and talked us through which ones to chose and what package was best based on our budget. If I could do it again I would have budgeted more for my session because I love my photos and I wish I had bought more wall art for my home. The end result was fantastic , better than I ever imagined!   I love my album and  show it off to everyone. Thank you Carly, cant wait for my newborn session.

- Carolyn W.

she spent so much time with us

I had TWO amazing experiences with Imprinted Photography! First, they took me to a beautiful location I didn't even know even existed for my maternity shoot. They had such a great vision and made me feel so beautiful and I will cherish those photos forever! They were patient with me and constantly making sure I was comfortable and feeling ok! Second, I had them do a newborn shoot with my baby girl at 2 weeks of age. They were so patient and they exceeded my expectations on the final product! I get so many compliments on both of the photo shoots! The hardest part was selecting the ones I wanted because I loved every single one! I would highly recommend them and will definitely call them again when I need professional photos!

- Jessie F.

made me feel so beautiful

Fourth session with Imprinted PHotography

- Allison L.

Carly just completed their 4th session with us yesterday and it was amazing as usual. We just had our second baby and they took the time to get every single image that we requested. I trust her entirely with my newborn and with my 14 month old. She is safety trained and knows exactly how to calm and soothe the babies to get them into those cozy, adorable positions. The prints and art we have received are beautiful and we are so happy we invested in these sessions. I will be using Imprinted Photography for years to come for all of our family shoots! 

baby whisperer

- Alyson S.

Working with Imprinted Photography was absolutely amazing. I recommend them 100%! Carly is like the baby whisperer, she was able to keep my newborn asleep long enough to get the photos that I dreamed of. I was just floored to see the quality of photos that Carly had taken. She made my little girl like a model. Carly was super flexible with a last minute booking as well as rescheduling times for the photo shoot due complications with my recovery. She was so understanding and very supportive. Carly made everything easy, it meant so much to me. These are memories that we will keep forever. Thank you so much Carly!

Immediately instilled a sense of trust

- Ryan K.

Imprinted Photography has done 3 shoots now with our family and I could not be more pleased. She were professional, incredibly accommodating and creative. We had my newborn session when my infant was 7 days old and immediately she instilled a sense of trust. It was clear that she knew what she was doing and she captured the most precious images of our little boy. I then invited them back for a Christmas shoot and she did not disappoint, the pictures were incredible! Anything I could dream of, they made a reality. I'm now expecting my second and I will be using her for years to come. I have recommended her to several friends and every has been so happy with their work. I'm so lucky I found them!!!

beautiful selection of props

- Aruna B.

Carly is amazing! We were sleep-deprived first-time parents looking for local photographers for a newborn shoot, and were SO SO glad we found her. She had a beautiful selection of  of props and was very accommodating and let us use a few things we brought as well. She was great with our newborn baby boy and so incredibly patient throughout the session. We absolutely loved how the pictures turned out (she clearly spent a lot of time perfecting each and every picture!), and will definitely be using her again and again!

recommended to all of my friends

- Kerry G.

We had a great experience working with Imprinted Photography for our newborn photos. Carly was great to work with: she was flexible with timing (important for a 1 week old who is not on a schedule!), and had a ton of backgrounds/blankets/props to use. After only a few minutes I had full trust in her with my newborn, as she was great handling her and keeping her calm. Most importantly, we were thrilled with how the photos came out! We received a ton of compliments, too! I recommend her to all my friends!


- Maaike H.

Amazing to work with! She was so patient with my 3 month old and really got fantastic shots of him. I can't wait to get more photos of my boys! We have used them for newborn shoots, cake smash shoots for our 2 youngest boys and we wish they were around for the oldest 2 growing up. Thank you guys for doing such an amazing job and being so great with our boys.

beautiful photos

- Astrid T

Carly has been amazing! From my maternity pictures to the newborn photos, the experience was amazing. I could've have asked for a better photographer. between poses for the baby, he was a little difficult but the pictures came out beautiful. The studio was amazing and even had snacks for us ready to go. Thank you for all your hard work!

We had a great experience with Carly from Imprinted Photography! We booked her for our maternity shoot and the weather wasn't too promising, but due to our tight schedule she worked with us to keep our day as we wanted and provided us with amazing photos that we love! Carly really listens to what you want and she provides you with all the information you need. She wants you to be 100% happy and will work with you to make your session personal and perfect for your desires. Whenever I had a question I could call or email Carly and she would get back to me with the answers. She is very thorough and cares about her work and clients. I am excited to use her soon for our newborn shoot as well. Thank you, Imprinted Photos. :)

- Christina S.

listens to what you want

personable & Certified

- Melissa G.

Carly did an amazing job with our newborn's pictures! Carly knew exactly how to keep our little one comfortable throughout each different pose and worked quickly to get the most adorable photos. She is so personable and had a variety of props for us to choose from so we could pick the exact looks we wanted our son to be in. She also used items that family members created for us to add a special touch to the photos. When I spoke to Carly, she assured me they were certified to pose newborns as they took classes with nurses, which made me feel extremely comfortable choosing them. She also had one of the best photo packages that I researched. I would highly recommend Imprinted Photography to anyone looking for a photographer to capture such a special moment in their lives

highly recommend

- Nicole  S.

We highly recommend Imprinted Photography for your newborn baby photoshoot. They  and had plenty of outfits and props for us to choose from. They were flexible with our baby’s eating schedule and were understanding of modifications as the photoshoot progressed. Carly is clearly very experienced and knows how to get great shots while keeping the kids engaged and having fun. She was also quick to deliver the proofs to us for review and we were extremely pleased with the final product.

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