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Are you patiently (or un-patiently!) waiting for the arrival of your precious new baby? Congratulations, this the most exciting time! It is amazing what a woman's body is designed to do. We were given the gift of being the only sex able to create and carry a life inside of us. I truly believe that pregnancy should be celebrated as much as possible. As a Northern VA Maternity Photographer, I believe that Maternity sessions are such a special way to celebrate this "super power" and all of the excitement and anticipation that comes with your pregnancy. Many times, women spend much of their pregnancy thinking about their new baby, while feeling a range of emotions while preparing for this new life to arrive. My job as your Northern VA Maternity Photographer is to help you stop and enjoy the journey that you are on, celebrate the beauty of life, and to help you take time to appreciate the miracle of what you are accomplishing inside of you, the journey to becoming a mother.

You are here because you know this, whether it is your first pregnancy, a very long journey to get to this point, or you are excited to grow your incredible family, you know that your maternity journey should be documented for not only your family but for YOU! Having beautiful maternity portraits to share with your friends and family (and most importantly you child when they grow up), are very important to you. I feel that we don't celebrate mothers enough, the job of a mother throughout all of the phases of motherhood should be celebrated as much as possible. 

During your maternity photography session at our Sterling, VA Maternity Photography Studio I will create maternity portraits that will not only bring out every bit of your beauty, maternal strength and the love you have for your child, but will remind of you how powerful you are as a woman. My wonderful  hair and make-up artist (whom I call my "one woman glam squad")  will pamper you so that you dont have to worry about a thing before your session. You will have access to my client closet full of couture maternity gowns, which are all hand designed to fit every shape and size of a woman's figure and accentuate all of the right places of the pregnant body. I will style your session and pose you to create epic portraits that look like they belong on a magazine cover. But most importantly, my goal is to make you fall in love with yourself again and find the beauty and power within you. I offer outdoor maternity and in-studio fine-art maternity sessions, all of which can include your family, because we all know creating and caring for a baby is a family affair!

My promise to you is that I will make you feel confident and beautiful. A one-of a-kind stylized maternity session will forever be a reminder of who you are and how your family started. My clients come to me because they want more than just maternity photos. They want to be pampered, they want to feel beautiful and they want to feel seen. Most importantly, your baby will grow up someday and whether they are a boy or a girl, you want to be able to show them how powerful and strong their mother is and was. You deserve it and you are worth it!

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