What is the best time to take outdoor family photos?

What is the Best Season for Outdoor Family Photography Sessions?

Capturing family moments by hiring a family photographer is a great way to preserve memories that last a lifetime. One of the most important decisions for outdoor family photography sessions is selecting the right season to ensure the best possible results if you are able to plan ahead. Each season has its unique characteristics that can enhance the beauty and mood of your family photos and all of this depends on the area you live in. In this blog post, we will explore what is the best time to take outdoor family photos.

Best time to take outdoor family photos?


Spring is a popular time for outdoor family photography sessions as it represents renewal and new beginnings. There are always blooming flowers, greenery, and bright colors, which provide a perfect backdrop for your family photos. Additionally, the mild weather makes it comfortable for families to spend time outside. All of this can make the spring season the best time to take outdoor family photos for some families.

According to an article published on BorrowLenses (click here) , spring is an excellent time for family photography as the light is soft and gentle, providing a natural and flattering effect. The article also suggests that early morning or late afternoon sessions are best to avoid harsh sunlight and to capture the perfect golden hour light.

In my opinion Spring is a great time for outdoor photo shoots when you are looking for a more colorful style of photo. Using a long lens with a blurred floral background can be great for family, mommy and me, and children’s photos.When shooting families in the spring I always recommend clients wear pastel colors to compliment the colorful floral backdrop of Spring.

Mom holding her daughter up in the air kissing her in front of a tree in the spring at an outdoor family photo shoot at golden hour.


Summer is one of the best times for outdoor family photography as it provides longer days, warmer temperatures, and lush greenery. The season offers many opportunities for fun and dreamy family photography sessions, including beach, outdoor garden and flower field photoshoots. There is no doubt that summer sunsets or golden hour photo shoots are the prime time for family photos at any time of year but summer is when golden hour photos are most popular.

An article published on Click Love Grow (click here) suggests that summer provides many opportunities for outdoor family photography sessions. However, it is crucial to plan the photoshoot for early morning or late afternoon to avoid the harsh midday sun. The article also suggests bringing water, sunscreen, and insect repellent to keep the family comfortable during the shoot.

I always prefer to shoot my outdoor family sessions in the summer at sunrise or sunset. That being said they can be done during the day in a shaded area or overcast day. They key thing to think of when scheduling a family photo shoot in the summer is the sun and the temperature. I recommend my client’s make sure they are dressing for the temperature even though I avoid the mid day heat.

Family photo shoot taken at sunset in the summer in a park in leesburg VA, mom and da holding their son in between them with a blanket around the family wearing white


Fall is another popular season for outdoor family photography sessions as the season is characterized by beautiful fall foliage and warm colors. The season provides a natural and warm backdrop for your family photos, which can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Because not every state in the US experiences a true fall season, in places that do some families tend to say that fall is the best time for outdoor family photos.

According to an article published on Fstoppers (click here), fall is an excellent time for family photography sessions as the weather is cooler, and the light is soft and golden. The article suggests that the best time to schedule a family photoshoot during the fall is late afternoon to capture the perfect light.

In Northern Virginia we have the joy of having one of the most colorful fall seasons in the United States. While peek fall colors only occur for part of the fall season, any time during or after the leaves fall can be a great backdrop for a portrait photography session. I always recommend that my clients stick to neutral earth tones when planning their outfits fo fall sessions as they tend to compliment the beautiful leaves and let the colors of the leaves be the star of the show.

Fall Family photo shoot in a park in Leesburg VA, mom and dad sitting on a blanket in the all leaves with their toddler sitting in between them.


Winter may not be the most popular season for outdoor family photography sessions due to the colder weather. However, it can provide a unique and beautiful backdrop for your family photos. The season is characterized by snow, ice, and muted colors, which can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Winter holds many opportunities for snuggly cuddly family photos and if you can catch a snow day you have the chance to have some fun in the snow!

An article published on Digital Photography School (click here) suggests that winter can be a great time for family photography sessions if you are willing to brave the cold. The article suggests that the best time to schedule a family photoshoot during the winter is on a sunny day, preferably in the morning, to capture the soft light and beautiful scenery.

Most clients tend to ignore winter outdoor family sessions and opt for in-studio sessions in the cold months. But just because it is a little cold out it doesn’t mean you can have some fun outside. While scheduling your session or when it snows is a very hard thing to do, I have a lot of clients that will wait all winter for the chance at winter photos on a snow day. Even if it isn’t a winer wonderland, winer outdoor photos can be just as great as any other time of the year if you dress warmly.

Winter family photography session in Great Falls VA, happy mom and dad wearing navy blue holding their daughter who is laughing wearing a white hat and jacket. wearing

Which Season is the best time of year to take family photos?

The best season for outdoor family photography sessions depends on your personal preference, location, and the atmosphere you want to create. Whether it’s the blooming flowers of spring, the warm colors of fall, or the serene scenery of winter, each season provides unique opportunities to capture beautiful family moments.

No Matter what season you choose an outdoor family photographer can help you have a great session. You photographer should help you choose the best location to provide an epic backdrop depending on what time of year it is. No matter what the location and season it is always best to schedule your shoot for sunset/golden hour or sunrise to assure you have the best light. In addition they will help you pick the perfect outfits so that your family photos are perfect. The key is to plan ahead, choose the right time of day, and prepare for the weather to ensure a successful and enjoyable family photoshoot.

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