Best Time to Take Newborn Photos

When is the best time to take your baby’s Newborn Photos?

As a newborn photographer with years of experience, I am often asked about the best time to take newborn photos. Without a doubt, the first four weeks of a baby’s life are the ideal time to capture those precious moments. I will explain why the first four weeks are the best time to take newborn photos and explain exactly why.

Why the First Four Weeks are the Best Time for Newborn Photos

There are several reasons why the first four weeks of a baby’s life are the best time to take newborn photos. Most importantly, newborns are still very sleepy and can be easily posed into those adorable, squishy positions. They are fresh out of the womb where they are nice and snug and typically crunched up in your belly. Many of the poses we do are very similar to the way they were in your tummy. So when sessions are done at a couple of weeks old, it is easier for them to feel comfortable in these poses. According to an article in BabyCenter ( link ), “Newborns are still very sleepy during the first couple of weeks, which makes them the easiest subjects to pose for those adorable curled-up photos.”

Secondly, newborns are still adapting to their new environment and have not yet developed any set routines. They are more likely to be cooperative during a photoshoot as they are not yet set in their ways. They sleep more deeply and they are less easily disturbed by movement an posing. According to an article in The Bump ( link ), “Newborns are typically more flexible, have not yet established routines, and are more open to being posed in a variety of positions.”

Finally, the first four weeks of a baby’s life are when they are at their smallest and most delicate. They change so quickly, which makes for beautiful photos that capture their tiny features. These little hands, precious tiny toes are perfect and you will want to remember how little they once were. This is why many parents opt for newborn photoshoots during this time. They want to capture their baby’s tiny features before they grow and change too much.

What if your baby is older?

So what if you want Newborn photos but your baby is older than four weeks old? Well photos can be taken with older newborns. It is important to remember that older newborn sessions may look a little diferent. For example, you baby may need to be swaddled more and some poses may not be able to be accomplished. But i is still possible, you just have to change your expectations i your baby is older.

So what is the best time to take Newborn Photos?

The first four weeks of a baby’s life are the best time to take newborn photos. Newborns are sleepy, cooperative, and are so tiny which makes for beautiful photos. That being said newborn photos can be taken after 4 weeks and every session depends on the baby. Trust the photographers expert opinion, but generally the first four weeks is the best time to take Newborn photos.

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